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We are Ed & Juvonda Jones.  We began our journey into the world and lifestyle of alpacas in September of 2008.  Juvonda had wanted an alpaca for some time, and finally talked Ed into going to visit a local alpaca breeder on National Alpaca Farm Days.  Somewhere along the ride to the farm, Ed must have been hypnotized and brainwashed because, after the visit, he too found himself mesmerized by the alpaca.  Score:  Ed 0, Juvonda 1.  We made plans to attend an alpaca show the following month and also visited two more farms in the local area.  Score: Ed 0, Juvonda, 3.  We attended the Northern Illinois Alpaca show in October.  Score: Ed 0, Juvonda 4.  We scheduled farm visits for Monday, with five of the farms who were at the show.  At this point, Ed had finally given in to the brainwashing and had decided to begin the education process.  We had already decided that Hucuyas were the animals for us, but our visits were scheduled with three Suri farmers and two Hucuya farmers.  We were just looking to learn more about the alpaca in general, and exactly what went into their care.  Needless to say, after our long day of visits on the first day of snow showers in Northern Illinois, we were now torn between the Suris and Hucuyas.  Eventually, after many more farm visits and several shows, we had decided to go with Suris.


We had just built a beautiful home in the country and were not in a position to buy animals at our current location, so we began looking for property.  After a relatively short search, we decided to make an offer on 26 acres in the adjoining county.  The offer was accepted, and we put our home on the market fully expecting it to take a couple of years to sell.  Much to our surprise and delight, we were able to get it sold in just four weeks.


Everything moved quickly.  Packing and moving in October, planning the new barn and pastures.  The new barn was built in December by a group of Amish guys.  Perimeter fencing went up in as soon as the ground thawed, then interior pasture fencing.  Stalls were next as animals were expected very soon.  We got two Anatolian Shepherd pups to guard our herd that consists of 3 girls from Iowa, 4 boys from Pennsylvania and 2 girls and 1 cria male from Filmore, Indiana by way of Michigan and now we’re up to 31 with 13 of them being born here on our farm.




Updated April 22, 2015