Hoosier Heartland Alpacas LLC: January 2016 Newsletter
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January 2016 Newsletter


My grandmother used to say...."the older you get......the faster time goes".  Well I must be really old because here it is..almost the middle of January 2016 ALREADY!  And, what happened to December? Where did that go?

December is really busy for us here on the farm.  We jump right into the Christmas Season the Saturday following Thanksgiving with our Annual Christmas in the Big Red Barn Open House.  This year was no exception.  We begin decorating a week or two before Thanksgiving after the barn gets swept out and blown out...thankfully this year we got to do the decorating in warmer weather than we have been used to this time of year, as was also the case when we started taking it all away.  Will not ever complain about those temps in November/December in Indiana.  


Santa and his elves awaiting the arrival of the children.........

After the Open House, our farm store is open nearly every day to help shoppers complete their list to some very lucky recipients so we are very busy between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Then, we crash!

January has begun a new year in our fiber production.  On New Year's Day, The Farmer and The Farmer's Wife spent their day skirting 2 fleeces that are now washed, dry and ready for carding and spinning. 


January also started a new item in our store.  The Farmer's Wife has put together a special package for spinners.  Each month, there will be new packages themed to that month and it is exciting planning for that.  Here is January's Affordable Fiber Fun Box.


The Farmer's Wife has also been very busy making things.  

January has also brought our first snows of the season...this picture is of our girls watching the 2nd snow of the season.  Shortly after this picture was taken the sky was blue and within 20 minutes we had blizzard conditions and then more blue skies.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_5ZoaUJfgw this is just a link to a short video of the blizzard.


One thing we found last night during barn chores was a fetus.  This is the first time that this has happened to us.....we do not know which mom miscarried, guess we'll find out when they start having cria in the fall.  This cria fetus was about 4 months old, all intact....formed even down to toenails umbilical cord still attached between fetus and placenta.  We don't know who or why....this is laying on a paper towel so you can see how tiny it really was.


We have begun scheduling farm tours this year already and our first tour so far is on April 9th, and we will be welcoming All Thumbs Garden Club.  We are very excited for our tours so if you are looking for a great tour, please call and schedule yours...hopefully not during the winter.

Until next time.............

Updated May 10, 2016