Hoosier Heartland Alpacas LLC: Around the farm in very RANDOM pictures............
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Around the farm in very RANDOM pictures............

Truly Blessed


You don't always know how well you've been blessed until you start looking at old photos.  These are just some random shots of how blessed we've been just since we moved here in 2009.  Life really is good.  I'll caption each picture beneath so you know what you're really looking at.


We have overhead barn cameras so that we can watch the view of our herd while we are in the house, at work or on a trip somewhere.  This view is of our girls overlooking the foggy pond.

Beautiful roadside sign that was constructed by The Farmer.  He even created a reader board so we can welcome groups or advertise hay or other alpaca related goods for sale.


This is an actual photo of our farm on one of my morning walks to the mail box.  It is 1/4 mile from the house to the road which makes for a nice peaceful walk.  I just loved how the sun shone on the fall foliage.


This was a trencher laying drain tile in our back hay field, quite interesting process to watch.  

Anticipating lunch, overlooking the pond out back.

The newest hay loft, there's one just like it on the opposite side.

More beautiful fall foliage, this one is a sassafras tree.


Our Agritourism sign as you come up the driveway.....and Old Glory looking very pretty.


The chicken coop run.....since it was constructed in 2017, it now has a metal corrugated roof on the run part to keep the rain and very hot sun out so as not to bake my chickens.


The back side of the chicken coop.  As you can see by this, The Farmer built it inside one of the pastures so when we do decide to finally let the girls out of their coop during the day they will at least have some protection from any 4 legged predators.  Hopefully we can plant some vegetation around to act both as a natural shade for their run, and for protection of the hawks that we see fly over looking for field mice.


After the rain comes the rainbow.  This was an absolute GORGEOUS double rainbow.


Looking out of the front barn door.  This little alley way allows us access via car, hay wagon...people who want to come and buy hay.  It goes all the way thru the barn which also has a large door on the back side so that the hay wagons can pull right thru.


The back deck, overlooking the barn.  In this picture there was no chicken coop built yet.  It would show up behind the bushy Rose of Sharon that you can see next to the right deck post,.


This not only shows the alley way that came thru the barn and exits to the back hayfield but also shows the gorgeous fall foliage with the evening sun shining on it....and of course our gorgeous alpacas.  This picture is Aztec, the mom of Lil Bit who is right in front of her and you can see her friends Coco and the backside of Blondie as they were pronking around.


Two raised beds that we grow our potatoes and sweet potatoes in.  This year we tried carrots and parsnips in it and they did excellent, I think more of these beds are going to happen.


The Farmer, bailing hay.  The pond is beautiful, and even more so now that these grasses have matured.


Putting in two new culverts.


Ready to dig out the old culvert making room for two of them.


The hay elevator as seen from the barn loft.


The old Massey Ferguson tractor with the hay baler on the back.  Nice wide driveway for lots of parking and turning things around.


The front deck newly stained and landscaped.


Barn cameras everywhere.  We've got a system with 16 cameras so we can see lots of different angles and adjust if we need to point it everywhere.  It is wonderful.


Mousers.  And Birders.  We now only have 2 females, the male wandered away and never came back home.


All those white dots, are gallon jugs.  All collecting maple sap to make maple syrup...the best syrup ever.


All mushrooms that were found in our woods one day while walking in them.




Back deck, upper level and lower level.


Front Deck, storm brewing.


Wild life abounds.  All sorts of ducks and geese.


From the backside of the barn looking North.  Even the frozen white tundra are beautiful.


And then in Springtime, The Farmer's Wife has all sorts of flowers blooming.



Just a gorgeous foggy sunrise coming up over the pond.  We've enjoyed so many beautiful sunrises and sunsets here on the farm.


Big beautiful full moon coming up over the pond.


Wild turkey in the back yard.  The picture below is the normal view, this is a blow up version.  One day I counted 27 turkeys on this same spot.




Sunrise from the road on a morning walk..



Sometimes The Farmer's Wife gets crazy romantic and sets up a table in the barn for their anniversary........


Updated February 03, 2018